You’ve just picked up your brand spankin’ new Toyota or pre-owned vehicle from Vandermeer Toyota – HOW EXCITING!! You’re driving away & you’re on cloud nine! As soon as you drive out onto the road – GUESS WHAT?! You’ve become a part of our Vandermeer Toyota family! Congraulations – this family is full of happy and loyal customers! So what does it really mean to be a part of our growing family?

1. FREE Saturday Car Washes – Save $10 – $15, a line up, and potential scratches (some of those automated car washes are so rough!)! We have fully trained staff here on Saturdays to hand wash your vehicle for you! We want to ensure your vehicle is looking sharp! If you get here early enough, there may even be complimentary DONUTS. Who doesn’t like a donut on a Saturday morning? Breakfast of champions!

2. Maintenance on your vehicle – Our service department is devoted to ensuring your vehicle has its oil changes and maintenance done on time. The service department will mail out reminders to let you know you’re vehicle is due for an oil change – as many of us tend to forget with the busy lives we live! Our fully licensed technicians will change your oil and perform a full inspection on all fluids and parts to ensure everything is in tip top shape.

3. Coffee, water, WIFI, good reading & great company When you’re in at service, enjoy free WIFI – to surf the internet or to get work done! We are all masters of multitasking in this day in age – so why not surf the net, watch TV & drink a hot cup of coffee? We have all of these available in our service lounge. Our sales staff would love a visit from their happy customers too!

4. Pride & Joy  Even though this is down on the list, it is the most important benefit of becoming a part of the Vandermeer Toyota family – the pride and joy of driving a comfortable, reliable & stylish vehicle! One of my favourite things to do, is to drive our 2015 Rav4 out on the country side with the navigation taking us to our next family vacation. It is even more peaceful when our 6 month old falls asleep – who doesn’t love the sounds of a happy, sleeping baby? 🙂

Are you thinking of up-grading your Toyota or becoming a part of our growing Vandermeer Toyota family? Red Tag Days are on until June 30th. Enjoy up to $5,000 cash incentives and as low as 0% finance and lease rates! Visit our knowledgeable sales staff for a test drive today!

What do you think of the 2015 Venza, Rav4 and Hybrid Camry? The owners are lucky to be driving them that’s for sure!