The great debate is on – Black Rav4 vs. White Rav4! What colour would you choose?!

As a young mom, I love the white Rav4. It’s trendy, hip and stylish! Not to mention it fits all 10+ bags of baby stuff for our day and overnight trips! It’s the perfect vehicle for our growing family.

Here’s what the experts have to say about your colour choices:


If you’re driving a white vehicle, you like to present a fresh, young, modern face to the outside world. White suggests that you have taste and elegance, says Marcie Cooperman, a professor of colour theory at Parsons The New School for Design in New York City. White is also associated with honesty and purity. Or, it could be that you live in a desert climate and white doesn’t absorb heat like black, and you want a car that won’t bake you like a human Pop-Tart. “However, white can be hard to keep clean in some regions,” Cooperman says. “It’s a high-maintenance colour.” Perfect for high-maintenance people, perhaps?


“Black became the number one colour for luxury,” Lockhart says. According to Axalta report of 2013, black was the most popular color for luxury vehicles. Black is the sophisticate’s colour, Augustin says. Just think of the little black dress and black-tie dinners. You’ll see diplomats (or rather, their drivers) maneuvering stately black town cars through the urban landscape, and royalty riding through the night in midnight-toned limousines. “Black is a power colour, for sure,” Cooperman says. Black declares itself as important, classic and in control.

Do you agree with them? What colour would you choose?

Whatever colour you choose (we have many more choices other than black and white), June is a great month for you as the RED TAG DAYS ARE ON UNTIL THE END OF JUNE!

It’s time to ride in style this summer in a new Rav4. Enjoy up to $4000 in cash incentives and lease or finance as low as 0%.