Since 1988, the citizens of Cobourg, Ontario and its surrounding areas have been served by Hank Vandermeer’s business, Vandermeer Toyota which has provided the community with quality vehicles, excellent motor vehicle service and youth educational programs. We have delivered on-the-job training to many high school students who have showed an interest in becoming trained auto technicians, and we have participated in countless fundraisers to help the people of the community we serve.

The staff of Vandermeer Toyota has a strong commitment to our community. We have joined forces with the Northumberland Humane Society to help the animals whose suffering is eased by the Society. The Northumberland Humane Society is located in Port Hope, Ontario and provides food and shelter for displaced animals through generous donations from the community. The Humane Society does not euthanize animals; instead we provide a waiting list for animals being surrendered to the shelter.

The Humane Society is a non-profit organization that could not do the work they do without the support of community members like Vandermeer Toyota.

One of the biggest struggles that the Humane Society faces is providing proper nourishment to their animals, especially to the animals that may have special dietary requirements. It only costs about $2.50 per day to provide adequate nutrition to each of the animals they care for. Vandermeer Toyota has pledged to donate $2.50 to the Northumberland Humane Society each time someone clicks on the “Like” button located on their Facebook page.* This means that each time someone visits our dealership’s Facebook page between 1st and 15th February, 2015, and clicks “Like, another animal will eat for a day.

Vandermeer Toyota has established a goal of providing enough food for 400 meals. This means that at least 400 people will need to visit our Facebook page and click “Like”. This will then allow us to donate a grand total of $1000 to the Humane Society.

Helping homeless animals has never been easier! The best part of this fundraiser is that it allows anyone to feed an animal for a day by doing nothing more than clicking on a “Like” button on a Facebook page. By doing this we will be involving the public as an active part of the community. The Northumberland Humane Society will be able to provide 400 meals to hungry animals, but the real winners are the animals in the shelter.


*Vandermeer Toyota agrees to pay up to $2.50 to The Northumberland Humane Society for each “Like” that they receive. Vandermeer Toyota will not pay more than $1000 for all “Likes” combined. If the amount of “Likes” received exceeds one thousand the total amount of the donation will remain at $1000. This promotion will begin on 1st February, 2015 and will conclude on 15th February, 2015.